When applying a grouting pump used for tunneling , it is imperative to use the right equipment to fill all gaps, penetrate all empty spaces and give the finished product the strength, durability.


When using the grouting pump used for tunneling ,Cement-based grout represents a trial-and-error means of stabilizing and fixing subsoil and excavated areas. Such injections impose high demands on planners and contractors, as well as mixers and grouts. As a result, the correct choice of grouting pump (eg mixing, grout, registration unit) plays an important role in carrying out the grout project.

The grouting pump used for tunneling was used for tunnel boring machine. The grouting pump used for tunneling is the high pressure grout pumps, this is a horizontal hydraulic pump used to pump fluid mixtures such as cement slurries and bentonite slurries. It is used for soil consolidation, stakeout, and even injection into subsoil for long-distance transport. Of the material. The device employs two high pressure plungers to stabilize the grout flow consistency. Grout pressure and displacement can be adjusted steplessly.


Grout is usually composed of a mixture of cement, sand, water and other materials such as fine gravel and accelerated mixtures, which can be awkward substances without proper equipment.

There are different types of grout depending on the application, and each type has unique characteristics such as flow rate, set time, and pump distance. Understanding each of these will help you choose the most appropriate pump and manufacturing procedure. For example, pump distance should always be kept to a minimum and the hose should run as straight as possible, but this is not always possible in some situations, so material properties and each application before manufacturing the product. It is important to understand the challenges of.


If you want to know more about grouting pump used for tunneling , or if you need expert advice on the model to choose for your grout project, we will be happy to help. They know how important it is to have the equipment to meet their challenges and use their years of experience in the concrete industry to find the most appropriate, cost-effective and efficient solution.

Grouting pump used for tunneling

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