Grouting is a tiring thing, but we are trying our best to develop and improve our technical equipment to make the diesel injection mixer pump equipment simpler and more efficient, which can greatly reduce our labor burden. Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of grouting equipment, including grouting pump, grouting pump station and so on. Diesel injection mixer pump equipment is the main product developed and designed by ourselves, with a professional technical team and fixed production site, we can also customize production according to the requirements of users.


The development of grouting technology just started to fill the gap in the soil. Now, grouting pumping stations are more applied to construction facilities. WGP 800/1200/200PI-D diesel injection mixer pump equipment consists of agitator, mixer and grout pump. The grout pump is the double cylinder single action grouting pump,it can keep continuous grouting, and small pulse. The diesel grout mixer pump equipment is compact, occupies a small area and is easy to operate. 

The diesel grout mixer pump equipment is mainly used in the construction of railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subway tunnels, mine tunnels, various underground constructions and emergency rescues.  The diesel grout mixer pump equipment can also be applied to pipe jacking grouting, betonies grouting, foundation treatment sinking, ground sinking and other infrastructures engineering

The principle of the diesel injection mixer pump equipment is: the materials that need to be transported, such as water, cement or bentonite, are quickly stirred into uniform slurry by the pulper. Then, the uniformly mixed slurry is sent to the mixer. Then the grouting pump will transport the slurry through the pipeline to the designated place. The diesel grout mixer pump equipment is easier to clean and the piston can be replaced in case of clogging, which can reduce time consumption and equipment cost.

The features of the diesel injection mixer pump equipment are as follows:

1. Very compact mixing and stirring system,

2. Simple structure, easy to transport and install

3. High productivity, large output power, 

4. Low operation and maintenance costs, good protection for wearing parts 

5. The suction process is in High speed, can flush the valve and avoid blockage

If you are interested in the diesel injection mixer pump equipment and don’t know which type grout machine is suitable for your project, please help us to confirm the following points:

1. What is the pressure do you demands?

2. What is the flow do you demands?

3 .Would you like the grout machine with electric motor or diesel engine? If want the injection grout pump wok with electric motor; also please confirm the voltage at the worksite.

We will use professional technology and high quality grouting plant to let you believe that we are a professional diesel grout mixer pump equipment manufacturer .Send your answers and demands to us. We will give you a satisfactory answer.

diesel injection mixer pump equipment for sale

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