Hydraulic high pressure cement grout machine for sale is a popular product  and is sold in many countries around the world. The high pressure cement grout machine for sale is a complete set of equipment that combines pulpers, stirrers and grout pumps to perform efficient and low cost work and effectively reduce complex procedures and long distance operations. Pulper performs high-speed pulp production and storage of similar materials such as cement slurries, and then pumps the slurries directly to construction connection points to complete uninterrupted pulping and grouting. The high pressure cement grout machine for sale has a compact structure, is convenient to operate, and takes up a small amount of space.


 Features of high pressure cement grout machine for sale:

1. Hydraulic high pressure cement grout machine for sale is compact and integrates pulper, mixer and grout pump.

2. Equipped with low pressure, high pressure, stepless speed adjustment system

3. The grout pump flood system consists of Yuken hydraulic parts and so on.

4. Use the squeeze valve to switch between mixer and pulper functions.

5. The oil temperature gauge can automatically control the cooling fan to operate in the normal temperature range. If the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically stop working.

6. Fully hydraulic drive, motor or diesel engine as power source

7. Operation and maintenance is relatively easy, safe and convenient


Hydraulic high pressure cement grout machine for sale are mainly used in road and rail, hydropower, construction, mining, and other above-ground and underground engineering construction. Quickly mix water, cement, sand, bentonite, fillers, clays, silicates and other media. Plunger-type grout pumps are then used for grout / grout for waterproof plugging, tunnel lining, foundation strengthening, rock formations, and void filling. Hydraulic high pressure cement mixed grout pump plants have the advantages of compact construction, high grout pressure and wide range of applications. The cement grout machine for sale design emphasizes user-friendly operation and easy maintenance. It integrates enough technology to maximize efficiency without compromising ease of operation and maintenance.


If our products do not seem to be suitable for your project, we will provide you with customized service and cement grout machine for sale suitable for your local construction environment, voltage and site according to your needs. You can also customize to help your completion. business. After the customer proposes their own requirements, a professional R & D team engineer designs the project, contacts the customer, finally negotiates the solution approved by the customer, and after successful development, it is placed at the customer's location. 

Hydraulic high pressure cement grout machine for sale

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