Grout mixer machine Indonesia price is a special pulping device developed for grout wood with low water to binder ratio. It is mainly used in industries such as hydropower, railways, highways, construction, and mining. After mixing the grout or grout agent, the cement and water can be quickly slurried. Compared to general blade type mixers, it has high pulping efficiency, easy operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance transport function.


Grout mixer machine Indonesia price is an effective way to mix cement-based grout and other materials in the construction industry, producing a very stable mixture that prevents water loss and pollution. Available grout mixers quickly and efficiently mix different types of grout, including cement, bentonite, and sand, which are widely used in civil engineering.


Grout mixer machine Indonesia price can be used together or separately. There are grout mixers and mixers with different displacements. Power drives are mainly divided into electric and diesel. Of course, you can customize it as needed.GM500E electric grout mixer, capacity is 500L, mixing time is 3 minutes, allowable W / C ratio is 0.5: 1 or more. Our hot products are 300L, 360L, 400L, and so on.


Grout mixer machine Indonesia is designed to be used in combination with traditional paddle mixers and pumps, or as stand-alone mixers and deployers with their own impeller pumps.

Principle of operation: The motor drives a high-speed turbo pump. The slurry is sucked into the vortex from the bottom and sprayed from the top of the barrel to create a fast liquid flow. A strong vortex is created in the barrel, which mixes dry powder and water completely and evenly, achieving the purpose of a lower water adhesive than a slurry.



Grout mixer machine Indonesia is a combination of mixer and agitator designed specifically for continuous cement mixing and grout injection in ground / underground engineering.

This system is designed to provide continuous mixing operations. A combination of a cylindrical mixer tank made of steel plate, a sturdy slurry pump, and a stirrer tank mounted on a sturdy base frame.Water, cement, and bentonite are mixed by a high-speed vortex generated by a dedicated pump. As soon as the mixing process is finished, the mixing is transferred to the stirrer.

A slow stirring paddle prevents the grout from settling out of the suspension and removes air bubbles from the mixture. Use the butterfly valve to switch between the mixer and the agitator.\Welcome your inquiry, we will answer your question in detail about the grout mixer machine in Indonesia price!

Grout mixer machine Indonesia price

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