GGP95 / 165PL-E high working efficiency jet grouting pump for sell is used to pump fluid mixtures such as cement slurries and bentonite slurries. High working efficiency jet grouting pump has many advantages such as simple structure and higher working pressure.


Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. Specializes in the design and manufacture of grout mixers, grout stirrers, grout mixers and stirrers, grout pumps and grout plants (mixers, stirrers and pumps all in one) in China. Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. Is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, in the middle of China. With over 20 years of experience, we have grown into a leading grout equipment manufacturer in China. We are committed to developing new grout equipment with the ability to provide the necessary technical support and engineering experience to meet our customers' needs. Our high pressure grout pumps are exported to Vietnam, Jordan, USA, Greece, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar and Bahrain.


High working efficiency jet grouting pump for sell applications:

GGP95 / 165PL-E jet grouting pump for sell grout slurries or similar slurries with high pressure grouts for tunnel drilling, mining, installation of self-drill anchors or hollow bars, sealing, strengthening and stability of rocks and soil in hydropower. Projects used to make slurries, slope stabilization and underground projects, etc.

High working efficiency jet grouting pump are simple, durable, easy to install, easy to use, rustproof, compact and highly efficient, and can be installed anywhere on a stable platform.


Features of high working efficiency jet grouting pump:

1. Grout pressure, displacement without grade adjustment;

2. Simple structure, lightweight and easy to maintain.

3. Double grout plunger, continuous output flow, few pulses.

4. There are few spare parts and maintenance cost is low.

5. High pressure cement grout pump with counter recording and display of the number of reciprocal functions of the slurry pump.

6. The motor has an overload protection function. The hydraulic system protects against overheating of the oil temperature.

7. Electric and flood drive. Whenever an over pressure occurs, hydraulic safety protection is enabled.


We are committed to providing high working efficiency jet grouting pumps to expand our high pressure cement grout pumps worldwide. Under the supervision of our hard-working professionals, we assemble with quality-certified raw materials with the help of modern technology. High-pressure grout pumps are widely used in large and medium-sized prestressed concrete engineering in the construction industry. In addition, our prominent customers can purchase high pressure cement grout pumps at a base price.


The GGP95 / 165PL-E high working efficiency jet grouting pump is a high pressure cement grout pump for sale that can be used for all grout applications. The adjustable pressure of the GGP95 / 165PL-E pump is 0-16.5Mpa and the adjustable flow rate is 0-95L / min. We can also customize the high pressure cement grout pump according to your needs. For more information on high pressure grout pumps for sale, please email us at :

High working efficiency jet grouting pump for sell

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