The application of complete injection pump station is mainly to solve the inherent defects of pile bottom sediment and pile side mud skin in the protection of mud-walled bored piles. After a certain period of time after the bored pile is formed, the pile end and the pile side grouting valve connected to the pile end are injected with cement slurry through the grouting pipe set in the pile body in advance to make the pile end and the pile side soil (including sediment and Mud) is injected into the cement slurry. The mud skin is reinforced, thereby increasing the bearing capacity of the single pile and reducing settlement.


The complete injection pump station for drilling is a complete equipment for mixing, mixing and grouting. It consists of a pulping machine, a mixing tank and a low-pressure grout pump. The advantages of the injection systems for self-drilling anchors are simple structure, reliable working performance, high pulping efficiency, and less parts wear.


The complete injection pump station for drilling  can effectively mix cement (or similar materials) with water, and then grouting the cement slurry or similar slurry. The complete injection systems can be used for tunnels, mining, water conservancy projects, slope stabilization and underground, reinforcement and stabilization of cement projects, etc.


Complete injection pump station for drilling  has the following features:

1. Suitable for all grouting applications of cement and ultra-fine cement.

2. Bentonite suspension for micro tunnels, pipe jacking and directional drilling.

3. It is ergonomic and saves space.

4. The hydraulic system of the grouting pump is composed of Yuken hydraulic components, etc.

5. The use of extrusion valve to realize the function switch between the mixer and the pulping machine.

6. Fully electric motor or diesel engine as power source.

When we use the complete injection pump station for drilling, we should remember the following things:

1. To check whether the pipeline connection is reliable and the power connection is correct.

2. Carry out the test injection systems for self-drilling anchors cycle and confirm that everything is normal, then put the suction tube into the grout injection tank (the grout injection tank must be grounded).

3. After grouting, the inside of the grouting machine must be cleaned to prevent the grout from solidifying in the machine.

4. Wipe the outside of the injection systems for self-drilling anchors clean and cut off the power after confirmation.

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Complete injection pump station for drilling

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