High pressure grout injection pump are usually divided into piston pumps, plunger pumps, and screw pumps. Piston pumps include single-cylinder piston grout pumps, 2-cylinder piston grout pumps, and 3-cylinder piston grout pumps. Plunger pumps include single plunger grout pumps and double plunger grout pumps.


High pressure grout injection pump is a device that uses the reciprocating motion of a piston to transport liquid. Operation principle of high pressure grout pump: When the piston moves outward during the reciprocating motion of the piston, the outlet check valve closes due to the influence of its own weight and pressure difference, and the inlet check valve opens due to the pressure difference. Drain the liquid into the pump chamber. When the piston opens inward, the pressure inside the pump chamber rises, the inlet closing door closes, and the outlet opening door pushes the liquid into the outlet tube. Features of Double Piston Grout Pump for Sale: High Pressure, Standard Seal, Lightweight. Small size, light weight, easy to install and carry, easy to operate, mortar does not settle, separate, uniform discharge and prevent clogging.


The grout injection pump are designed to pump bentonite, cement, fly ash, fillers, clay, and similar suspensions. There are many types of grout wood, with a high proportion of grout. It has double-acting, ball valve, low-pressure surge, variable pressure, and flow rate functions. Therefore, it is very versatile and used for backfilling mortar pumping behind tunnel linings, soil grouts, stable foundations, waterproofing, tunnel linings, underwater foundations, bridge decks, deep grout casings, sloping grouts, etc. 


The high pressure grout pump are ideal equipment for grout projects. The two-cylinder design brings mechanical technology to a world-leading level. The maximum flow rate is 80L / min and the maximum pressure is 50bar. The pumping effect is stable, the impact is small, and the service life is long. We also manufacture vertical single-cylinder piston grout pumps. The maximum flow rate is 75L / min and the maximum pressure is 100bar. With a vertical and compact design, the design technology of this grout pump is made in Italy, and the cost performance is very high.

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High pressure grout injection pump

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