The operating principle of the industrial peristaltic pump for tunnel construction is that a special rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and strong strength is mounted inside the pump body. It is kneaded along the hose through a pair of pressure rollers. This rotation causes the medium to be transported in one direction. After the medium has been transported, the elasticity of the squeezed hose and the force of the side guide rollers will return to their original state. At this point, a high vacuum is created in the hose, the medium is sucked back into the lumen and the medium follows. Knead the pressure roller and drain it from the hose. In this way, the medium is continuously sucked and ejected.


Features of industrial peristaltic pump for tunnel construction:

1. Meet the cleaning requirements. The liquid, which is the key to sterile, clean transportation, only contacts the pump tube, not the pump body.

2. Low stress: The fluid is not sheared, but is driven by the body. This is the love of shear.

3. High division accuracy: It is a characteristic of the positive displacement type because it can output every time the pump rotates, so volume measurement and quantitative division are possible.


4. Self-priming operation: The peristaltic pump for tunnel construction can be used to transport gas, liquid, and gas-liquid mixtures in dry operation and can transport fluids containing solid particles. The diameter of solid particles is up to 30% of the diameter of the hose. The vacuum created by the peristaltic pump allows the pump to be self-priming, eliminating the need to fill the pump with water before starting.

5. Equal flow in forward and reverse direction: By changing the rotation of the motor, it is possible to switch between forward and reverse without liquid supply, and there is no forward and reverse flow without liquid supply.

6. Easy maintenance and cleaning: Only the hose is a consumable item, there are no valves and seals, it is easy to set up and operate, and the hose can be replaced quickly.


Flow rate is an important parameter of industrial peristaltic pump for tunnel construction and there are many factors that can improve its efficiency. The main factors are:

1. Hose inner diameter: The larger the inner diameter, the larger the flow.

2. Pump rotation diameter: The larger the diameter, the higher the flow rate.

3. Pump speed: The faster the speed, the higher the flow rate.


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Industrial peristaltic pump for tunnel construction

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