High quality peristaltic pump for grout is suitable for processing aggressive, high viscosity, high density products such as abrasive slurries, corrosive acids, gas and liquid, sand / cement mortar, and liquid accelerators. Many people are interested in this price because  peristaltic pump for grout is feature-rich and versatile. If you want to know, read on!

The high quality peristaltic pump for grout is a completely new type of pump high pressure hose pump. Patented technology in China guarantees unique performance such as simple structure, reliable operation and low maintenance cost, and can support high pressure and high flow rate work environment. Alternating creeping of the flexible hose creates a vacuum to carry the medium, similar to squeezing the hose with two fingers as the fingers move the flow of fluid in the tube.


The rotor of high quality peristaltic pump has two rollers. The hose is placed between the rotor and the pump casing. The two pumps alternately squeeze the hose to form an uninterrupted pump "chamber" for pumping. The purpose is that the liquid only flows through the hose, there is a specific pulsation, the flow of the pump depends on the diameter of the hose and the speed of the pump, and the pressure at the outlet depends on the thickness of the wall of the hose.

The hose is arranged in a U shape on the pump body. When the rotating body drives and rotates the squeeze wheel, the squeeze hose is squeezed by the squeeze wheel and elastically deformed, and the suction port forms a negative pressure suction slurry. By pushing the squeeze wheel, the slurry is discharged from the outlet, forming a pressure transfer of the slurry. The high quality peristaltic pump are mainly used in the fields of construction, underground engineering, mining, food, paper making, ceramics, etc. for long-distance transport of viscous slurries, metering pumps, pressure injection, spraying, etc.


It's easy if you want to buy high quality peristaltic pump for grout, but you have to choose carefully if you want to buy a high quality and low price  peristaltic pump. Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a leading industrial peristaltic pump supplier in China and a unique supplier with ISO 9001: 2008, SGS and CE certification. Many customers choose our high quality peristaltic pump. High quality peristaltic pump for grout are exported to South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. 

High quality peristaltic pump for grout

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