Malaysian industrial grouting pump stations are widely used in grouting projects. Usually, the grouting materials are water, cement and additives. Cement is the oldest and by far the most commonly used grouting material. The Malaysian industrial grouting pump station includes a high-shear mixer, a low-speed mixer and a hydraulic grouting pump, which are functionally arranged on a base with a central lifting point. These components can be easily disassembled for individual use. Small grouting device can be used for anchoring, anchor rod, soil nail, tension cable and rock grouting.


As mentioned earlier, it is obviously best to concentrate all the grouting at certain locations. For example, the deep valley canyon cannot be easily accessed from the bottom, some underground works, the location around the operation is too narrow to economically transport bagged cement, and so on. Under these circumstances, the Malaysian industrial grouting pump station that delivers grout online to mixers and grouting pumps elsewhere may be a good solution. And, of course, it is usually worthwhile to build bulk cement facilities in such factories.

Malaysian industrial grouting pump stations

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