Portable grout mixing plant singapore is an integrated device for mixing, mixing, and grout injection. Portable grout mixing plant singapore mainly includes a cement slurry mixer and stirrer, and a cement slurry pump for preparing cement slurries, after which the grout is injected under high pressure. 

Portable grout mixing plant singapore on the market has the advantages of simple construction, reliable working performance, high grout efficiency, and high pumping pressure. The grout output can be adjusted continuously and the maximum value can also be adjusted. The working pressure can also be adjusted continuously.


When grout mixing plant singapore works, mainly cement (or similar material) is effectively mixed with water, then cement slurry or similar grout is ground under high pressure to seal and strengthen rocks and soil. , Is to stabilize. Portable grout mixing plant singapore can be used for grout injection in dams, tunnels, subways, mines, soil nail walls, curtains, anchors, cable trenches, and anchor cables. It can also be used for construction, bridges, foundations, slope support, soil compaction, and rock grout.

Portable grout mixing plant singapore function for sale:

1. Grout mixers and pumps for sale are mixed grouts.

2. The plunger pump is an oil pump and operates reliably under high pressure.

3. Variable pump, system produces low heat, system efficiency is high.

4. Electromagnetic reversing valve or mechanical reversing valve can be selected according to various working environments.

5. High mixing efficiency, the motor directly drives the impeller to flow the liquid at high speed.


Portable grout mixing plant singapore has the following advantages:

1. Grout mixing and pumping box body is made of thicker steel plate with higher reliability and longer service life.

2. Overall stamping structure at the bottom of the tank.

3. The accuracy requirements for squeezed hoses are low.

4. Under the squeeze of the squeeze roller, the lubrication requirement for rolling friction is low.

5. Tilt the squeeze tube of the recovery roller for recovery.


Portable grout mixing plant singapore has a compact structure, are easy to operate, and can also provide customized services. If you are interested in grout mixing plant, please contact us! 

Portable grout mixing plant singapore

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