New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete is special equipment for slurry preparation that are superior to high-speed grout cement mixers. New style grout mixing machine is mainly used in industries such as hydropower, railroads, transportation, construction and mining to mix cement and bentonite with water and additives to quickly form slurries. New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete employs high speed strong vortex double force circulation, multiple shears and simultaneous tearing. The crushed solid body fluid is highly dispersed, mixed and pulped, and has pumping capacity. Compared to general pulping machines and blade mixers, the  grout mixing machine for lean concrete speed is fast and the slurry mixing is uniform. It is the main equipment of a large-scale pulping station.

The grout mixing machine for lean concrete can be used in the workplace where the power supply is very convenient. New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete are widely used in above-ground and underground engineering construction such as roads, railroads, hydropower, construction and mines. New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete on the market have the advantage of being cheaper than those produced in the United States and Europe. The reason for the low cost is mainly due to the low labor cost. Electric grout cement mixers for sale can quickly mix water, cement and other media into a uniform slurry. A well-mixed, uniform slurry is then delivered to an external device for grout injection. The cement grout mixer can realize continuous mixing operation. Compared to conventional concrete mixers, it has the advantages of faster mixing speed and uniform stirring.

New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete is a high speed high shear colloidal grout mixer. It can be used in combination with traditional paddle mixers and pumps, or it has its own built-in impeller pump and is therefore designed for use as a stand-alone mixer and deployer. The  grout mixing machine for lean concrete different types of grout quickly and efficiently, including cement, bentonite and sand. It is specially designed for cement mixing and grout injection in ground / underground engineering. You can also design a mixer with a stirrer to keep the mixing process going.

New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete is a skid mount system. Of course, we are a manufacturer of grout mixer machines, so we can add wheels depending on the project. For high shear grout mixers for electric motors, a unique mixing action allows rapid mixing and pumping of neat cement grout with water / cement ratios of 0.36: 1 without additives, or less with plasticizers or superplasticizers. increase. New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete steel frame withstands the harshest conditions in the field. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

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New style grout mixing machine for lean concrete

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