Gaodetec specializes in grout equipment and currently offers all kinds of industrial grout mixers and stirrers with varying capacities and outputs.High quality grout mixer for Tunneling operation are recognized as the most effective way to mix cement-based grout and other materials used in the construction industry. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete the mixing of the tank materials, allowing the liquid to be mixed very evenly.

High quality grout mixer for Tunneling operation are used as intermediate tanks between mixers and pulp pumps. Grout projects require continuous supply and grout mixers can help. The grout mixer consists of a storage tank, power supply, or diesel engine with a simple basic structure. The grout mixer keeps the mixture in suspension and expels air bubbles in the mixture. Industrial grout mixers and stirrers for sale can continuously complete cement mixing and achieve the completion of continuous grout projects.

The grout mixer for Tunneling operation is a rugged, high-capacity grout mixer and stirrer suitable for mixing-requiring applications such as dams, tunnels, post tensions, underground mining, and many heavy construction operations. Industrial grout mixers and stirrers can easily mix pure cement, fly ash, bentonite, ultrafine cement and post-tension cement slurries, and are easy to operate and maintain. Stable mixing technology guarantees the best mixing effect and can produce a stable and homogeneous slurry. material.


The grout mixer for Tunneling operation on the market are a type of high speed agitation used to reduce the water to cement ratio to less than 0.32. The grout mixer produces a perfectly homogeneous mixture with no lumps or lumps. Cement particles are separated and mixed separately. In addition, the closet space between the impeller and the mixer housing does not allow larger aggregate to pass through. The capacities of industrial grout mixers and agitators are 100L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 700L, etc. The grout mixer and agitator are driven by an electric motor or diesel engine, and air motor types can also be manufactured according to special requirements.

The tank capacity of the grout mixer for Tunneling operation can be customized from 100L to 800L according to your project requirements. Industrial grout mixers and stirrers for sale are designed to mix pure cement, bentonite, mild mortar, and most commercially available premixed non-shrink mortar mixtures. It can also be used in the following applications: soil compaction, bedrock injection, interstitial filling, soil fixation, well casing, contact grout, well slope, offshore / underwater, prefabricated parts, machine base installation, self-leveling. Floor cushions and slabs are sealed underground and the slabs are lifted.

The high quality grout mixer for Tunneling operation are suitable for large grout projects. The machine can also be customized to meet your special project requirements. 

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High quality grout mixer for Tunneling operation

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