Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction is a high-speed pulper. Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction is mainly used in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining, and other industries. Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction are sold that mix cement, bentonite, and water and their additives to quickly form a slurry. Bentonite grout mixers for sale use a fast, powerful vortex with dual force circulation, multiple shears and simultaneous tearing. The pulverized solid-fluid has high dispersibility, mixability, culpability, and strong pumping ability. Compared with ordinary grouting machines, the bentonite grouting machines on the market have the characteristics of faster pulping and more uniform slurry mixing. The leader in large pulping plants.


Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction has unique design features, the pulper can be used with conventional mixers and pumps, has its own technical structure, or can be added as a mixer alone. The bentonite grouting mixer can quickly mix cement, sand, bentonite, etc.


Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction is a colloid filling device connected to a slideway.  This system is designed for cement and bentonite grouting mixers to provide continuous mixing operation. A cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction consists of a steel cylindrical mixing tank, solid mud pump, and mixing tank, mounted on a solid base. Water, cement, and bentonite are mixed by a high-speed vortex created by a special pump. After the mixing process is complete, transfer the mixture to a mixer. The slow stirring paddle prevents the mud from settling in suspension and removes air bubbles from the mixture.


Safety precautions for using cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction :

1. The bentonite grouting mixer should be placed in a clean, dry, and dry place. The operating ambient temperature usually does not exceed 40°C, and various foreign objects are strictly prevented from scattering on the motor.

2. When using it in a humid place, it should be equipped with a leak-proof device to ensure the operator's safety.

3. This bentonite grouting mixer should be placed in a corrosive environment. Take necessary protective measures to prevent mechanical and electrical deterioration.

4. It is forbidden to sell cement slurry mixers in an environment containing flammable and explosive gases in the air.

5. This bentonite grouting mixer is used for large fluctuations in grid voltage and uncontrollable speed. Use voltage ballasts.

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Cement grouting mixer machine for concrete construction

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