The application of grouting machine for foundation treatment is primarily to resolve the inherent imperfections of pile sediment and pile side mud skin in the protection of boring piles in mud walls. After a certain period of time after the boring pile is formed, cement slurry is injected into the pile end and the pile side grout valve connected to the pile end from the grout pipe installed in the pile body in advance, and the pile end and pile side soil ( (Contains deposits and mud) is injected into the cement slurry. Reinforced mud skins increase the bearing capacity of single piles and reduce subsidence.

The grouting machine for foundation treatment is a complete device for mixing, mixing, and grout injection. It consists of a pulp making machine, a mixing tank and a low pressure grout pump. The advantages of the grouting machine for foundation treatment are simple structure, reliable work performance, high pulping efficiency and less wear on parts.


The grouting machine for foundation treatment can effectively mix cement (or similar material) with water and inject grout into cement slurries or similar slurries. The grouting machine for foundation treatment can be used for tunnels, mining, water saving projects, slope stabilization and underground, cement project reinforcement and stabilization, etc.


The grouting machine for foundation treatment has the following features:

1. Suitable for all grout injection applications of cement and ultrafine cement.

2. Microtunnels, pipe jacks, bentonite suspensions for directional drilling.

3. Ergonomic and saves space.

4. The grout pump flood system consists of Yuken hydraulic components and so on.

5. Use of extrusion valves to achieve functional switching between mixers and pulp maker.

6. Fully electric motor or diesel engine as power supply.


When using grouting machine for foundation treatment , you need to be aware of the following:

1. Make sure the pipeline connection is reliable and the power connection is correct.

2. Run the self-drill anchor cycle test injection system to ensure everything is normal before placing the suction tube into the grout injection tank (the grout injection tank must be grounded).

3. After grout injection, it is necessary to clean the inside of the grout injection machine so that the grout does not solidify in the machine.

4. Clean the outside of the self-drill anchor injection system and turn off the power after confirmation.

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Grouting machine for foundation treatment

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