Gaodetec company independently researches and develops bentonite grout mixer for sale. The grout mixer for sale has been used on site many times and continuously improved, and it is a special equipment for preparing mud. Bentonite grout mixer for sale is mainly used for engineering construction in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other industries. Cement, bentonite, etc. are mixed with water and its additives to quickly form a slurry. The grout mixer for sale uses high-speed impellers and vortex to produce slurry. Compared with ordinary low-speed paddle mixers, it has the characteristics of high-speed slurry production and uniform slurry mixing.


Bentonite grout mixer for sale is mainly used for mixing and preparing cement slurries and other similar slurries that need to be strongly mixed in advance. Used in railway and highway construction, mining, water and electric grouting machines. It is used for pressure grouting for construction, insulation, waterproofing, and building foundation injection.


Bentonite grout mixer for sale is a special equipment for rapid grouting in grouting engineering. Singapore's cement slurry mixer not only produces high-efficiency pulp, but also has a constant pulp supply capacity. The rotation of the high-speed centrifugal pump impeller produces a high-speed liquid flow, which generates a strong vortex in the slurry body, so that the material is completely uniformly stirred, and the slurry is quickly formed into a slurry. Mainly used to provide grouting for water saving, railway, highway, bridge, construction, mine and underground engineering grouting construction.


When using bentonite grout mixer for sale, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Make sure that the mixing impeller rotates correctly so that the slurry pipe does not leak.

2. Add appropriate amount of water, open the equipment to clean and wet the beating barrel and pipeline, and drain the water into the beating machine after cleaning.

3. Add more than 80 kg of water, turn on the pulping machine, and add the powder evenly in the prescribed order. Control the supply time at 5-6 minutes. After all the powder is added, continue to stir for 3-5 minutes. minute;

4. Transport the prepared slurry to the slurry storage tank to maintain the dynamic storage of the slurry.

5. After connecting the press pipe to the storage hopper or directly transporting the press to the press hopper, start pressing.

6. Clean the bentonite grout mixer for sale and pipelines immediately after the pressing is completed, turn on the slurry machine and the slurry machine, so that the residual cement slurry in the pipeline is discharged cyclically.

Bentonite grout mixer for sale

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