China high quality peristaltic pump is a new type of multifunctional industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. China high quality peristaltic pump completely eliminate the traditional pump impeller and shaft seal working methods, and have great advantages in transporting media containing high viscosities, high corrosion, and large amounts of fluid impurities. Based on a completely different principle than traditional pumps, it has a wide range of applications and can be used in chemical, petroleum, water treatment, medical, food, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, ceramics, paper and other industries.


The principle of operation of high quality peristaltic pumps in China is mainly that a pair of rollers rotate in a pump cavity filled with lubricant, and the walls of the rollers and the peristaltic pump housing cavity push the hose together to flatten the hose. is. As the rollers rotate, the flat part of the hose gradually moves from the inlet end to the outlet end of the pump. In this process, the liquid-filled hose gradually returns to its original shape due to its own elastic action, which increases its volume and creates a vacuum for sucking the material. Meanwhile, the liquid-filled hose gradually returns and is pushed out.


As a supplier of China high quality peristaltic pump,high quality peristaltic pump has the following features:

1. It is slow, no noise, and may be idling.

2. Unique structure, no seal, no leaks.

3. Chinese peristaltic pumps have strong self-priming ability.

4. The peristaltic pump has a simple structure and convenient maintenance.

5. The high quality peristaltic pump can transport corrosive slurries and sludges that are high in particles, fibers and other impurities.

6. Medium flow rate is low and there is no shearing force. Especially suitable for bearing materials that are sensitive to shear forces.

7.China high quality peristaltic pump can transport high-viscosity media, can also transport gas, liquid, and solid three-phase mixed media, and have cleaning capacity.

8. By adjusting the speed of the peristaltic pump in China, the flow rate can be adjusted without changing the outlet pressure of the pump.

9. If the speed is constant, adjusting the outlet valve will change the outlet pressure of the pump, but basically the flow rate will not change. Therefore, the pump has a specific weighing function and can be used as a weighing pump.



 As a supplier of high quality peristaltic pump , we need to advise everyone that extending the service life of peristaltic pumps lies in the method and strength of the compression hose. Inadequate compression causes internal leaks and backflow, reduces volumetric efficiency and severely wears the internal cavities of the hose, especially under high pressure.

China high quality peristaltic pump supplier

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